Mastering The Art of Communication.

Helping Technical Professionals Achieve Their Goals For More Than A Decade

Emily Livelsberger, MS, Certified Professional Coach

Emily Livelsberger, MS, Certified Professional Coach


This is a game you can win.

With over ten years experience as a coach, Emily has encountered many personal and professional situations that required insightful discussion to determine individual goals and desires.

With quick discernment, she can get to the heart of the issues, help you identify obstacles, and develop a path forward to overcome them and succeed.

“Putting Out Fires” can be a highly valued skill.

We hear it all the time: “I ran around putting out fires all week and got nothing done!”

When you work with Emily, she will help you articulate and understand your unique strengths so you (and your team!) can go from wildfire weeks to thoughtfully controlled burns. Her goal as a coach is to help you assess and resolve problems more effectively.

“Communication” does not have to be a trap.

Emily was born blind, which she considers a valuable asset: it has allowed me to develop keen insight, critical thinking, and excellent listening abilities. She is not distracted by externals and gets to the heart of the issue.

As a coach, Emily will ask incisive questions to help you fully articulate your needs and goals. Not only will she help you effectively communicate your mission to others, but she will help you develop your ability to make others feel heard and understood.

These two sides of communication will help you earn more respect and make progress on your goals.