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Coaching For Technical Professionals

Have any of the following ever happened to you, either at work or at home?

  • You were passed up or ignored because someone louder than you got more attention, either in a meeting or during annual reviews

  • Your “Big Idea” and the tremendous effort you put into it were all but ignored

  • Clients and Higher-Ups appeared unable to see you as the Subject Matter Expert that you know you are

  • You were asked to “communicate” in a way that felt like a trap

The workplace frequently requires us to provide clear communication, skillfully navigate conflict, and manage a wide variety of relationships. Sometimes, our best efforts go unnoticed or unrewarded. What gives?

At Communication that Clicks, we provide the tools to overcome these obstacles.

When you work with a coach at Communication that Clicks, they will help you determine and overcome the barriers to communication in your workplace. Together, you and your coach will name your objectives and ensure you have the tools to move up to the next level.

Many people voice the fear that coaching will take too much time. On the contrary, many clients make incredible improvements in just six 30-minute sessions. Effective coaching can yield tremendous value for a relatively low commitment of time.

Yes, but what’s the plan? This is often the next question. During your first free session, you and your coach plan out the path to success. After articulating where you are today, you will settle on your goals and quickly move forward to attain them. Communication that Clicks will help get you the recognition you deserve, move you closer to your next promotion, and find more fulfillment in your career.

Coaching Services


Facebook Webinars

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Group Coaching

Has your team hit a wall? Is there a communication breakdown that is affecting your project status?

Communication that Clicks provides group coaching via Zoom. Up to 5 people can join the teleconference. In just one hour, a coach can help your team formulate a plan to overcome your obstacles and return to green.

Individual Coaching

Looking to level up and maximize your effectiveness in your technical career?

The goal is to get you results quickly: Individual coaching is offered in a bundle of 6 half-hour sessions, and discussions are tailored to meet your specific communication goals.

Your first half-hour session is free!


Client Testimonials


Emily has helped me to stand up for myself at work; allowing me to communicate more effectively and leading to positive feedback from my managers and internal promotions. I couldn't be happier with the progress we made, and was surprised at how effective coaching was for me in my career.

— Joel


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